Your Website: The Ultimate Lead Conversion Tool in your Marketing Arsenal

Your website is increasingly becoming the go to place where people can quickly find out more information about you and your organization. This is especially exacerbated with the proliferation of smart phones and tablets that enable people to quickly access you when they hear about you or see your ADs without the need to get behind a computer or step into a cyber. So how do you ensure that when they visit your site they will be convinced that you are the best option in the market?

So how do you ensure that when they visit your site they will be convinced that you are the best option in the market?

First off, you’ll have to understand your target market and also your ideal customer profile. It goes without saying that your site should speak to your audience; it will be easy to determine this if you have been in business for a while. However if you are just getting started then your market research and positioning strategy should be your guide.

In addition to understanding your target market you can also sketch out what your ideal customer profile or persona looks like. For instance it might be a new mother in her 40’s who has just bought a new car thats the ideal customer for your organization.

Once you have figured out your ideal market and customer profile its time to look at your website’s content. Here your understanding of your customer comes into play and you list down reasons why they should choose you over every other option available to them. This exercise should also help you determine your unique selling points.

Finaly discover your customer’s buying process and what stages they might actually be in. If you are offering a relatively new or unique solution then an explanation type approach may be best. That includes seeking to first introduce a problem the audience probably have, an overview of how you are solving that problem and then the introduction of the solution. A followup with testimonials will serve to dispense any doubts.

By now you should have in place all the materials you need to develop an amazing website – to convert any new leads into clients and customers.

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