What 6 Strategic Features Should You Focus on In a Standard Website?

I’ve recently found that many people who ask me about getting a basic standard website also wished to know what goes into such a website or at the very least the things they should take care of to ensure their website is a success. This article aims to enlighten you on some of the key elements that you should focus on. Please send me your feedback and other questions you may have.

1. Clear Goal & Call To Action

As you get started on your simple website this will be your most important element which is simply understanding the ultimate course of action that you want people or prospects visiting your website to take. A simple action maybe that you want them to call you or that you want them to fill a form and then you will contact them latter.

Once you understand this then your content, your pages and your visitor journey through the website will be directed toward this goal of getting them to take this primary action. Without this clarity from the very beginning we will be blind and directionless.

2. Strategic Design

The design of the website obviously plays a crucial role. What you don’t want is a website template that is simply slapped with your content that doesn’t really advance your partners or potential clients down the buying funnel.

An example of this is using a slider because it’s the cool thing and your friends will be impressed by this without understanding that this prime real estate on the website is the first thing a website visitor will see and should be used to convince potential clients on why they should stick around.

3. A Simple To Use Management System

The next important thing to have in place is a simple to use content management system, this is what enables you without much training to be able to update your website easily, and keep your website content fresh and up to date.

An automatically updating system is also a plus since this will keep your website software up to date and secure.

4. Compelling Content

Most people are quick to say that they have all the content about their organization ready or that it is easy to come up with it. However as many realize latter this is one of those things during a website project that can hold up the progress as the designer waits for promised content which takes too long to put together since you are busy as well. One of the things you can commission the designer to do as well is help you with crafting the content as well.

In addition to this the content should be re-purposed in a way that it compels your prospects to choose you. What we are saying is that the content has to come in two forms one is the normal content development describing your organization etc and two the copy that’s meant to sell you. However the 2 forms are also fused together compiling the content.

5. Good Photography

If you have ever gone to a website that made you go “wow”, chances are that that website had amazing photography and old photos were well cleaned. Good photography is often the difference between the good and the great websites out there.

The most captivating type of photos are often of people, done as close-ups with some cleaning & editing applied to the photos. If you do take your own photos or have product photos make sure you also provide them to your designer in the highest resolution possible and in their raw form. Compromising on this is simply compromising on your own website.

6. Easily Accessible Contact Information

There are two locations to place your contact information for highest visibility. One is right on the header area of the website and the next spot in the contact us age. The former is the most valuable as this will be seen on every page and no matter what page the visitor in on when they decide they want to contact you they will be able to get to your contact without having to hunt your contacts down.

With these six areas taken care of you should have a pretty good standard website design in your hands to get you going with your online promotion. I will soon publish what else you can get in more advanced websites. Please send me your feedback and other questions you may have.

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