How To Select The Right Font For your Website

When designing your website, you might have wondered, “what font should we use? or do we just stick to basic – arial?” The right font depends on several factors such as your branding and the consistency you want to establish in keeping with your image. Additionally you also want to consider the message that you’ll be conveying for instance – stable, strong, sophisticated, elegant, gentle, ‘techy’, playful and so on. We also want to ensure that our font is going to be readable all while conveying the message that we want it to convey.

Understanding the psychology behind the right font

In order to understand the message and the feeling that we want to convey we have to understand the psychology behind fonts. Check out the infographic below to understand this.

Limitations to fonts on the web vs your computer

Contrary to what you might think, you can’t necessarily use all the fonts that you find on your computer on the web as well. Additionally while the fonts on a particular website will render properly on your screen – it might render differently for someone with an older computer, so what they will be seeing isn’t exactly what you are seeing on your end. To help mitigate this we use font stacking, meaning the client computer will be given the option of using the recommended font and if the computer doesn’t have that font installed, it falls back on the second font and  then the third which will tend to be the most basic font.

Probably the easiest way to add your font to the website is through Google Fonts. The only limitation of Google Fonts is that you might not necessarily find that super unique font you want to use, however you can always to try to find a font similar to what you’d wanted to use.

If you have a very particular font that must work and which isn’t available on Google Fonts then the best option would be to buy/download the font then upload it to your site and directly link to it on your website. Whichever method you choose to use, at the end of the day the goal is to ensure you convey the right message and feeling to your website visitors.

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