Latest [COVID-19] Changes + Wedding Shenanigans

It has been an interesting last couple of months here at Tandos. First we know we did slow down on a lot of things including posting some of the latest websites that we’ve launched and then Covid 19 happened which made things – more ‘crazy’ to say the least.

So just as Covid was breaking out I was getting married, we were lucky to get married on the Saturday just before they banned all weddings, funerals and church services on Sunday. That said we are now back in full swing at possibly the worst of times.

Now due to the new restrictions on social distancing and curfews, we’ve decided to change how we conduct our meetings into 2 modes – The old mode of face to face but with safety measures in place & Secondly using Zoom for those that would prefer a virtual meeting instead.

Please checkout the video below to learn how to join a zoom meeting if you’ve never done one before.

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