How to Use your Website to Differentiate Yourself from Direct Competitors and Win More Clients

Most people will often set up their website to counter their competitors, and also ensure that they have a website because everyone has one. But how can you setup  your website in a way that makes you unique and stand out instead of just copying them but also setting yourself up as the better option for your potential customers, members or partners?

The best way to do this right away would be to take stock of your organization. And to do this you may need to ask yourself a couple of questions …

1. Who are our direct competitors?

Simply list down the organizations you believe are in direct competition with you. Let’s say for instance you are an ‘accounting firm’ that has been in the market for a few years, so you know your competitors – the people you go head to head with every time you are pitching for clients.

2. What are their core strengths?

Where is each competitor really stronger than you? Perhaps they are 10 times bigger than you, or they have better trained people or they attract all the top talent because they pay better or they are more visible in the marketplace; the list could go on and on.

3. What are their weaknesses?

Identify your competitors’ strategies and find spots you can exploit. For instance they might be less flexible and more bureaucratic causing them to move more slowly or maybe they are new and have a shorter track record.

4. Where am I stronger than them?

By going through step 3 you will probably have a better idea of what your strengths are and how you can position yourself in a better way through your website.

5. What do people say about me and my work?

This additional question will help you really pinpoint your strengths. For instance you might discover that people choose you because they feel they can trust you more and you are reliable unlike other competitors.

6. Do i like what i see or am I in the process of changing my positioning?

If you happen to be in a transitional stage where you are adding more products or expanding your branches then you will have to repeat the above stages for the position your business will now occupy in the marketplace.


Once you know where you are truly strong, you can then prioritize your strengths list starting with your most compelling point.

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