How To Comeup With Some Amazing Concepts For Your Next Website

Part of my creative process has always been spurred by what I see on the web on a day to day basis. Whenever I find a site whose design, copy, call to actions, structure or strategy I like, I simply do a screen capture of the site and save it for latter.

Great Artists Steal, Swipe & Deploy

Then on the occasion when am working on a new project and my mind goes blank I dig into this bank of designs & concepts that I’d captured before to ‘borrow’ an idea or two – add my own flavor and voila we have a new design that you can’t usually tell looking at the original since I’ll often usually just borrow a small aspect – like maybe I liked the way they did their footer or the way they worded a particular call to action.

That said here is one site that made into my swipe file in 2015 see below each image for a more detailed description why swapped this site.

So this was their previous site – which I’d swapped sometime in 2015. When I first opened their website I instantly undestood their product – notice how they used very few words to put this message across



I just swapped this in 2017 – interesting how they found a way to make the site even more clear in communicating the 3 step process to using their service. Also that top area where they ask for your number now covers your viewport / computer screen top to bottom when you first open the website to drive more people to take this one action first.

So while to people who only love design these might not really look that cool, if you visit this actual site here you will see how their main focus is in communicating their message quickly and getting you to take the next action and not much else – which is their core objective.

Going through lots of sites like these and saving those that have an ‘interesting’ idea gives me lots of ideas to use everytime am working on a project and also helps the clients because they are introduced to new creative concepts and ideas and better ways to make their websites work for them. Hopefully in the future I’ll feature more samples from my files.


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