How Can You Use Powerful Website Banners to Instantly Catch your Clients Attention?

A website banner is one of those things that few people with basic websites know much about. However, this is also one of those elements that you can use to send a particular message to visitors coming to the website. First off we have to understand what a banner is. Most of us have been to websites where we saw an advertisement and if it was something we were interested in we may have clicked on it. This however isn’t the only use of a banner.

Banners can be used for:

  • Advertising other peoples products and services often through a third party ad service.
  • Advertising your own commodities, upcoming event(s) or service(s)
  • Encouraging lead generation 

For now we’ll only cover the last two points explaining how you can use banners to advertise or promote your own product or use it to generate more leads from your website. 

Let’s say you are a new company and you have a new website. What you will realize very fast is that most people won’t really land on your website right through your homepage; instead they will often come in through your blog or one of your site’s pages. Now let us say that you also have a new product that you want people who are coming into your website to be aware of. The easier way to alert them whilst on your website is through the use of a banner. 

But what really makes a good banner anyway? Probably the biggest thing you can do to make the banner striking is to use stronger colours than the rest of the website. Next also consider using a catchy photo. There is a reason why most banners even outdoor banners feature interesting photos – to divert the viewers’ attention to the banner.

Another really important thing to look at is the main title of the ad banner which has to be very prominent; this will encourage viewers to click on that banner. Think of when you pick up a newspaper and the ‘headline’ grabs your attention and makes you want to turn to page 6 to read the full story; this is how you want your banner to sell, leading viewers to click on it to find out more. 

Of course in order for the headline to really work you must understand your audience and also know who it is you are targeting with your message. This of course is the whole foundation of your website – that it is actually addressing a particular ‘persona’ who fits the profile of your target client(s), customer(s), member(s) or visitor(s) of your organization. 

Finally, It is mandatory that the banner must call the viewers to a clear action. A call to action could be to have them click the banner, or simply to inform them about an upcoming event, or it could be that you want them to call you on a specific phone number. In the future we shall look at other ways you can improve your website to maximize the ROI you can extract from your website.


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