The 3 core raw materials when building your website

“I can’t say what it is but something is wrong with my website.” Do you ever find yourself looking at your website and saying this?

People often approach me for website redesigns because their current designs have failed to meet their expectations.

Their websites have:

  • Inconsistent brand colors
  • Lack of content
  • Terrible content (from grammar errors, copy that doesn’t speak to their target audience to copy that doesn’t sell)
  • Photos that don’t quite bring out the best in them
  • Overused stock photos

All of these can leave you feeling like your website isn’t quite there yet.

There are 3 external elements that are critical to your website’s success:

Sort out your Logo

You can hire a good branding designer for this. Your web designer will then have an easier time ensuring consistency across your online branding.

Write Great Copy

Write content that speaks to your target audience and achieves the effect you want – whether it positions you as an authority, builds credibility or sells your product/service.

Get Professional photography

Finally, hiring a professional photographer is the #1 thing that makes designing a website easy. With good photos, the styles of design are expanded. Such photos tend be big (pixels wise) hence it’s easier to zoom in and out to cut out the perfect look or blow up the right photo to produce retina images for macs and iPhones.

So , I hope this has helped you understand more on what goes into a website. If you would like to discuss your website please click here to schedule a call.

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