Who We Are

Hi there we’re Tandos Marketing.


We help Coaches and Consultants setup their Website Quickly and Affordably.

For the past 10 years we’ve built over 200 custom websites for consultants, realtors, schools, churches and nonprofits.

During that time we’ve paid and learnt from different coaches online and over time we’ve found ourselves drawn more and more towards studying and understanding why some coaching websites drew us in and why others simply didn’t.

This led us to become interested in helping coaches and consultants to setup wow looking websites that also convert.

Our services are for you if:

  1. You want to quickly get up and running and do what you love to do best.
  2. You don’t have a big budget but you still want that wow looking website that will command higher prices.
  3. You want all the tools that will enable you to:
    • Book client meetings online
    • Build your list
    • Email your list regularly
    • Build your funnel
    • Integrate your shopping cart
    • Integrate your membership area
  4. And Get all these without breaking the bank

Thomas Mbai

“Web design & Client Management”

Tom started with web applications while doing his internship at the Ministry of Immigration in 2009 where he built for them the Citizenship Management System and immediately got hooked on Web development. He however always found that he tended to obsess more over the interface design and user experience, so after doing several development projects he decided to focus on just Web design.

After graduating from Egerton University in 2010 (Bsc. Computer Science), he decided to freelance and worked with various companies & government departments mainly on web applications development & later on websites.


Bakhita Waruguru

“Online PR & Marketing”

Writer. Idea generator. Obsessed with researching and reading…(hence the glasses…) Big heart that wants to create win-win situations for everyone even if it means sharing a delicious Snickers bar.

Bakhita finished her Bachelor of Commerce from Strathmore University in 2016. After working in UAP and Sparkfesh, she decided to go out on her own and build her copy-writing agency. Her focus was writing copy that moved customers to not only take action but also experience the world through a new perspective. She has worked with clients like the ones below…

After getting entangled with Tom in 2020 they decided to merge their efforts and build one agency together hence Tandos Marketing. She handles online PR & Marketing for Tandos Marketing.


What keeps us in business is a passion for building products that produce outstanding results every time. It’s fun. It’s addictive. It’s fascinating.

When we’re not working on Tandos Marketing, you’ll probably find us cuddled up watching the latest episode of an intelligent drama / anime series or checking out the latest business / philosophical videos on YouTube.