Hi there my name is Thomas Mbai and I’m a Web Consultant working with companies & institutions that want to Improve their websites to convince potential members / clients that they are the best option for them. Additionally my goal is to build for you an online platform that becomes the hub for all of your other marketing efforts .

Quick Bio

I got my start with web applications while doing my internship at the Ministry of Immigration in 2009 where I built for them the Citizenship Management System and immediately got hooked on Web development. I however always found that I tended to obsess more over the interface design and user experience, so after doing several development projects I decided to focus on just Web design.

After graduating from Egerton University in 2010 (Bsc. Computer Science), I decided to freelance and I worked with various companies & government departments mainly on web applications development & later on websites. Click below to checkout my linked in profile and also connect with me.


What Next?

If you you started on this page you can checkout my portfolio of some of the projects I’ve undertaken here. You can also contact me directly here. Or you can proceed to read some of my articles like the ones below here.

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