The 5 Step Process To Selecting & Vetting Your Next Website Designer

So you’ve decided to work on your website and you maybe even have several websites that you have looked at and would like to implement a website along those lines – but who do you hire? 

Most people have heard the horror stories of hiring website designers. Some people have experiences where the designer fled leaving them with an incomplete job or where they designer got a big tender or some job elsewhere and the website was abandoned or in other cases their website’s look missed the mark leaving them frustrated. 

in other cases the designer takes months and months to update the client on what is happening with their website before finally choosing to hire someone else.

So what can you do to avoid some of these pitfalls?

1. Look at their portfolio

Although this is no gurantee that they will do the same level of work for you visiting their website, checking out their portfolio will still go a long way in vetting them and ensuring you are hiring the right person fr the job. often hat you should be looking for in this case is not just the 1 or 2 websites they might have done but several websites they have done themselves.

2. Ensure they aren’t a broker but a real designer

This is perhaps more difficult to tell since they might have a ready portfolio & might even speak the websites lingo, however if you don’t mind paying more as long as they deliver – then this is okay. However if you prefer to work with someone that actually does the job then please consider hiring an actual web designer and not the sales person.

3. Ensure this is their full time job

You will want to make sure that they are available for you and that your project is also a priority for them, in addition to getting a person who does this full time you are assured of better support in the future when you need it. Most web designers work on websites as a transition job, and when a better job presents itself they abandon ship and client service g=is gone. 

4. How long have they been doing this and do they seem like they plan to be around

It goes without saying that a more experienced designer is a better bet for your organization – since like any other business the truly passionate and serious people are those that are doing this for the long-term as a serious profession. Anyone that has been at this same profession for over 5 years is obviously here to stay and building a relationshi with this kind of person is far more beneficial for you as you will be assured of good service due to their experience as well as ongoing support when you need extra work done.

5. Web design specialist

You want someone with Graphic Design Experience in addition to web development skills – this is the ultimate tipping point and what separates the designers from the developers. Web Designers will often not deal in software since this is again a deep specialty the same way mastering design for the web is. You want a specialist designer not a generalist who does it all from software to hardware.

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