9 Steps to Building an Amazing Website For Your Organization

1. Strategy

The first part to building your brand online is understanding that your website will be the central hub for your organization. The second thing is to also understand what the purpose of your website will be. It maybe that you have a website and you have 20 other micro sites / landing pages that you are using as independent sites to market specific products. If this happens to be your primary website then your web designer should help you gain some clarity on your unique selling proposition, your key call to action, and then this will help you determine how you want visitors to progress or move through your website. Depending on the overall strategy you will be able to see what you will need to have in place.

2. Designing A Website You’ll Be Proud To Show Your Partners

When it comes to the website design itself – an easy thing most people do is simply check-out their competition and decide how they want theirs to look like. While this is a good approach you don’t have to limit yourself to only your industry. If you have no specific preference you can have your designer show you several samples after interviewing you and getting to understand your organization and your marketing positioning.

3. Ensure you are Fully Accessible On Phones & Tablets

Since most people accessing websites today are doing so from mobile devices, then you will want to ensure that your website is able to “fit” in these devices by getting a mobile version of your website or making the website responsive – meaning its able to adjust based on the device.

4. Drive More People To Your Website

If you are more serous about trying to drive more people or traffic to your website through google search without having to pay Google for advertising, then integrating a news or blogging or Sermons (for churches) system is the way to go. The news system will also ensure your website stays current and provide something new for a returning visitor to see.

5. Keep Your Partners Up To Date With The Latest News & Offers

If you want to engage with your clients even more – then you may wish setup your email newsletter system. If you already have one in place you may also want to ensure the email that goes out is designed and customized with your letter head, layout and colors that match the the feel of your website.

6. Promote Solutions / Events To Everyone Passing Through Your Website

Sometimes you may wish to Promote an Event, a particular Program, a Class, a new Product or a Solution. Or you may simply be promoting your new Lead Capture page.

Since many people visit your website from your Facebook posts, email marketing, google search etc, and most of these people will ‘enter’ your website through some other page other than the homepage. so in order to ensure that everyone coming into the site will see your latest event or promotion you use Banners / sliders placed at specific vantage points around the website.

7. Achieve Branding Consistency Across Your Social Media Pages

If you have are are looking to quickly open your Facebook, You tube, Twitter, Google+ or Twitter Accounts then you might also wish to have it properly branded and showing a customized message instead of simply putting up your photo.

You might want to help people who are visiting your page to find your contacts easily or checkout your latest offer right when they land on that page – usually the cover photo is the first see they see, so maximize that space by communicating something of value.

You may also use that space to drive them to your website – where they learn properly about you. or you can “point” them to a particular landing page on Facebook for capturing leads etc.

8. Setup any other special back end systems

Like your Portfolio management systems to have a special area where you showcase your work, Testimonials management systems – to build credibility and trust when a person first visits your website etc.

9. Launch, Manage & Promote

Finally you want to launch your new website, continue to update the content with a simple easy to use system & most importantly send out a few engaging emails linking back to the latest stories or updates on your News section and with your banners promoting your latest event or offer. Thus leading to more visibility & inquiries from web visitors and past clients alike.