Allavida Office For East Africa – Website Review

This month’s website review features the Allavida office for East Africa. The website for Allavida features some nice colors and some graphics as soon as you land on the home page, right away you can read what they are about and who they serve. But this is probably as far as the website goes to communicate Allavida’s value.

Allavida Kenya 'Allavida , Transforming Livelihoods'Lets take a look at some of the things they could probably improve to have an even better website.

1. who they are and what they stand for should be the highlight

So right when you land on the website you probably have to look for the section of what they do and who they serve –

“Allavida’s goal is to transform the livelihoods of poor and marginalized people in Africa, in the pursuit of social justice.
For Allavida, social justice must include notions of:

  • People securing rights to have basic needs met
  • Greater equity in the distribution of resources and of access to resources and opportunities
  • Equal worth of people and respect for diversity”

It’s good to see that they further explained what social justice means to them. What is clear however is that this is probably what should hit the visitor first when the open the page and should thus be highlighted with much larger font’s and positioned right at the top of the page above the fold.

Relevant photos of the same can then be used focusing on each of their 3 key points of basic needs, distribution of resources & equal worth of people – the use of higher resolution and more emotion evoking photos will also work best here.

2. who have you helped and what lives have you transformed?

Another important point is a clear focus of what you have also done in the past, who you have helped and how you transformed them – what were they like before and where are they now. This way as a potential donor I know you are effecting real change in the areas that you say you are.

This area should come right after you have introduced Allavida as indicated above, jumping into this immediately prevents you from being like other NGO’S that make big claims but leave potential donor’s wondering if they actually cause any real change on the ground.

3. whats the goal of the website & who is the audience

Still in the mind of the donor we can ask ourselves what makes them skeptical at this point in time? Do they want to see whether we are certified in some way – they probably do. Do they want to know how we get to stay accountable – they probably do.

Before proceeding forward we first have to figure out again who you are targeting the website at. In your case lets assume you are targeting donors. Then some of the questions we will have to asnwer will be:

  1. What questions do they have about you
  2. What questions do they have about ngo’s in general and how they operate in Kenya
  3. What value are you adding on the ground
  4. Who do you serve
  5. What stories of change you’ve do you have
  6. How do you maintain accountability for usage of funds?
  7. Who are the people behind you & what are their stories?
  8. How do I give?
  9. What happens after I give?

Once we know what they will be looking for and what their thoughts and fears are then we can proceed to the next stage with a clear view of what we are going to create to position ourselves as the best organization for them to assist.
This breakdown helps us figure out several things:

  1. What’s the goal of our website?
  2. Who is our audience?
  3. What shall be our websites call to action?
  4. What lead generators shall we use?
  5. What shall our sitemap look like?

4. Developing the website’s content

Noting that you have many blank pages on your website the main project for you when redesigning your website will mainly be developing this content and having it written in a compelling way. The guiding principle here will be the based on stages 2 & 3 above.

In addition to the content, you should also probably get a good and simple to use website system to keep your website up to date more regularly and ensure the information doesnt go for too long before it gets updated.

There’s more that would obviously go into massively improving this website but for now lets stop here.